Vision Statement

Life Worth Living Outreach Ministries, Inc., founded in 2010 in Memphis, focuses on leading individuals towards a spiritually fulfilling life based on Christ’s teachings, particularly those in Matthew 25:34-40 and John 10:10b.

The organization prioritizes the cultivation of a community that practices biblical principles, emphasizing the significance of prayer as a foundation for a strong relationship with God.

Their mission is to encourage a Christ-like life of love, compassion, and strength through various programs designed to foster faith, prayer, and actionable living.

They envision a world where everyone lives according to Christ’s teachings, and they seek to guide and inspire others to lead a prayerful, faith-filled life with purpose.

The ministry warmly invites others to join their journey of spiritual growth and transformative living.

Mission Statement

“At Life Worth Living Outreach Ministries, Inc., we aim to help people live a life guided by Jesus Christ’s teachings. We’re in Memphis, Tennessee, and are motivated by Bible verses Matthew 25:34-40 and John 10:10b. We want to improve people’s lives through spiritual growth, helping our community, and helping each person grow personally.

How We Work Toward Our Goal:

Spiritual Care and Prayer: We focus on teaching people how to pray and live a life full of prayer. We have regular prayer times, workshops, and retreats to help people understand and practice prayer better.

Learning from the Bible and Using It in Life: We have classes and group studies to teach about the Bible and how to use its lessons in daily life. We put a lot of attention on Jesus’ teachings as a way to live a good life.

Helping Our Community: Just like the Bible says in Matthew 25:34-40, we run programs to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people around us. This includes giving out food, offering counseling, and having support groups.

Growing Personally and Spiritually: We have many programs to help people grow on their own and in their faith. We provide guidance, faith-based counseling, and training in leadership so people can be active in their religious communities.

Creating a Caring Community: We work to make a friendly and welcoming community where everyone feels important and connected. With social events and volunteering, we promote getting involved and helping each other out.

Working Together: We believe working with others is important, so we partner with local churches, groups, and community organizations to have a greater effect and reach more people.

Our mission is to change lives and the community for the better, showing the love and teachings of Jesus in everything we do. By doing these activities, we aim to lead lives that are not only meaningful but show a strong, prayerful, and active belief in our faith.”

About Rosman T Randle

Pastor Rosman T. Randle grew up in poverty and was devoted to God from a young age, choosing to preach and commit to Christianity at age 11, with the aim of guiding others to his faith.

At 19, a preacher from Mississippi was healed from Meningitis despite medical predictions of permanent paralysis. He became an ordained Elder in the Church of God In Christ. Defying odds, he graduated from Alcorn University in 1994 with a degree in Agricultural Education.

In 2000, he became the pastor of Zion Temple Church of God In Christ in Memphis after being appointed by late Bishop Samuel Leon Lowe. He improved the church, increasing its value from $400,000 to $1.2 million and doubled its capacity to 600 seats. His primary goal is to lead people to Christ and spread the gospel through preaching, teaching, and community programs that strengthen individuals and families.

He expanded his efforts outside of the church walls by founding three 501 3c organizations:

  • GYAC (Giving Youth A Chance)
  • BASIC (Building A Strong Independent Community)
  • Life Worth Living Outreach Ministries all are registered 501c(3)

The excerpt highlights the commendable work of an individual leading efforts that benefit at-risk youth and the community through various programs. These programs include meal provision with a substantial budget, community assistance through Zion Temple’s accessible services, Christmas gift distribution in partnership with Angel Tree, and the establishment of the Clarence Randle Institute, which is a faith-based summer camp. Despite the workload, this person continues to serve tirelessly at multiple levels in the Church of God In Christ.

  • Church of God In Christ, Inc. Adjutant Overseer
  • Church of God In Christ, Inc. Assistant General Secretary for Publication
  • Administrative Assistant and Executive Secretary for the Tennessee 5th Ecclesiastical  Jurisdiction

The passage describes an individual who is inspired by the Spirit of the Lord and has been consecrated to spread the gospel. They are noted for their exceptional skills in oratory and their ability to accurately interpret and deliver religious teachings.

  • Is “for real” saved and sanctified!
  • Holy Ghost Filled!
  • A Christian Theologian!
  • A Biblical Scholar!
  • An Inexhaustible Praiseologist!
  • A devout prayer petitioner and intercessor for the people!
  • Is not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord!
  • Preaches the word in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine!

The Pastor of Zion Temple Church of God in Christ has made significant spiritual contributions through evangelism, with an immeasurable number of people joining the church and experiencing miracles, healing, and deliverance. His life is an embodiment of holiness and dedication to service, living out his faith with distinction. He is recognized for his natural ability to open doors and connect with influential leaders, having preached internationally, including in Africa, India, and as a special guest of the Prime Minister of Israel.

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